Translate This Page: Nicanor Parra,
Revered Father of the Anti-poem

by George Kalamaras

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PARRA, Nicanor (1914):

In order to context the specific if not ineffect, it was born in 1914 in Chile, a fact referred to throughout her poems. Though it seems improbable, we are left with its strong desire to write a sentence of pure moral rectitude and humour, a sentence pure as any ideologia in the face of la romantica. He moves to Santiago and graduates as mathematica professor. Even then, the word chose him as their own. But it does not care for the elitist poetry circles of his beloved Chile which were dominated by pettiness, ego, frivolity, and the scent of desire. Then the name Nicanor Parra is embedded in the most personal stone of the mountain of literary presence. It took seventeen years for its second book to emerge. Leonardo or Michelangelo could not have forced its appearance any sooner from the block of the marble.

It finds her voice in the exactitude and in the commonplace. In the midnight darkness of a person’s void. In the humor bone. One sentence following another upon completion, as if in speaking direct. Thus, in speaking direct, it might. A biting wit is present as if those before it were never with joy. Rubbish, sounds as if from trash cans (absinthe of assonance, alliteration, onomatopoeia, and of curse the rhyme). Saliva pools of doves, instead, and pheasant scent on the bed sheets of people’s private fantasies all speak like they knew him and through him as its own. In 1943, it travels to the United States and soon becomes part of the advanced education. Physics dominates his brain method. The body to which it refers is not a joke but very funny. Her funny bone is rather serious, and the commentary it makes upon social appears not of the society of the poetry of romantic poets Pablo Neruda. Still, it found in it a friend, and a tenderly fierce correspondence with Neruda ensued. It stayed in the United States for several years where it studied Engineering outpost at the University of Brown. Remaining in Great Britain until 1951 it soon left the United States for England. He acquired the British Council Scholarship of Milner Studies cosmology with E.A. An astrology with A.T.S. degree followed as a personal triumph in the nexus of social concerns and concentrate. Though by that time the word had gotten strong in books of many publications. Afterwards he teaches mathematics in Santiago, Chile. It is learned, extremely, and open to many theory, so students flock to her classes to partake of the courtship of poetry and math. Quite soon there appears on the horizon of its mind the idea that it might poetry by numbers and will write in the way the bathroom sink.

He studied Vallejo’s diaries as if it was parts of its dream management of mathematics and engineering. Vallejo’s “political need to love” became Parra’s equation of great living (i.e., politics favoring the people = writing like a “real” person and robbing the ivory of its towers). Cosmology soon as cosmetography, though cartography never except in the word that map the inner recesses of its audience’s heart. He was certain that no one existed, that it itself did not even exist, except through the written words like a line of equator upon the globe that is both not there and not really there. This caused many painful moments with its colleagues whose minds were more placated by the moment of monthly payment for services with students and yearly dental regimens with pensions based upon lecturing from their mind.

They traveled everywhere for poetry in el nombre de la poesia. The Soviet Union had arms that opened to eat his verse. Cuba and United States were busy not exchanging sugars and cigars. Panama, Mexico, Ezra Pound, and others with conferences scholastic upon the gathering tables of university coffee. In this way, Nicanor Parra is soon a name among the many houses and even in horse barns among the people who fork with hay in a pitching motion. It gives recitals of its verse everywhere, including Chile, to thousands of anxious fans. Many books have his hand in them with ink. And charitable foundations induce the platelets of his monetary blood. Two films of its life and times are filmed, with the filming occurring not only on the streets but in his own body frame where he lived a long time in solitude rooms no one was allowed to enter.

The universities where she served as chair have been joyous as those of Columbia, Yale, Havana, and University of Chile’s School of Engineering, to name a few. Objective scene soon to exhaust his compatriots of the spleen as if angry against government repression: Pablo Neruda, Cesar Vallejo, Pablo de Rokha, and Octavio Peace. But constant battles embitter its enjoyment of its various accolades with which it might. In Finland—at least more than once—its arms are held with warm arms of joyous poetry appreciation, including the poems of four other of his fellow poets of peace and labor. It died peacefully in Santiago because it is still alive, and it is remembered to this day because it is still alive and about to die sometime in the far future with hope.