Born June 12, 1928 in Luxembourg-Eich. Founder of the “Journées de Mondorf” (Bi-annual International writers’ and poets’ festivals) from 1963 tom1974, and from 1995 to 1999. Member of the Académie Mallarmé in Paris, of the PEN Club of Belgium, of the Grand-Ducal Institute for Arts and Letters. Vice-President of the European Academy for Poetry. She lives in Luxembourg and writes in three languages.

Recent books include:

      Chants de Refus I poèmes, 1993
      Prix Antonio Viccaro / Wallonie-Bruxelles, 1994
      translated into Italian, Portuguese, Macedonian, Romanianet & English

      Chants de Refus II poèmes, 1995

      Le mur du son poèmes, 1997
      Prix Apollinaire 1998

      La terre se tait poèmes, 1999

      Le cri de l’épervier poèmes, 2000

      Porteur d'ombre poèmes, 2001

      L’avaleur de feu, poèmes, 2003

      All published by Editions PHI, Luxembourg